The Neurotech 2015 symposium presents eight talks by neurotechnology pioneers whose cutting-edge innovations are changing the face of neurobiological research from molecules to cognition. The symposium is open to the public, and registration is required, but seating is limited.


DATE: Tuesday November 17th, 2015
TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (reception following)
LOCATION: McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
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Registration is required and space is limited.
Neurotech 2015
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Eric Betzig, HHMI Janelia Farm
“Imaging Life at High Spatiotemporal Resolution”

Kristin Branson, HHMI Janelia Farm
“Mapping Behavior to Neural Anatomy using Computer Vision and Thermogenetics”

Viviana Gradinaru, California Institute of Technology
“Tools for Anatomical and Functional Analysis of Widely Distributed Brain Networks”

Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia University
“High Speed Optical Imaging of the Awake, Behaving Brain”

John Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Soft, Bioresorbable Optoelectronic Interfaces to the Brain”

Bryan Roth, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“New Tools for Illuminating Neuronal Functions”

Chandra Tucker, University of Colorado Denver
“Optical Control of Protein Activity Using Engineered Photoreceptors”

**Final schedule will be posted soon.


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MIT Center for Neurobiological Engineering

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